10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Time

When we talk on celebrities their performance is important for fame but when they do stupid things like “Embarrassing Celebrity Moments” ,their popularity graph is higher .Celebrities also fail. But still, we expect them to be perfect. Let’s find out about some celebrities having painfully embarrassing moments of their lives.

Poor Madonna! Give her a hand.

Poor Madonna Give her a hand

Madonna fell on the stage during her performance in Brit Awards in February 2015.

Bad Oscar fall!

 Bad Oscar fall
Jennifer Lawrence tripped over her gown on stairs while collecting the Best Actress awards at the 2013 Oscars.

”Walking On Air” turned out bad for Katy Perry.

Walking On Air

Katy Perry fell on the stage while performing in a concert in Tampa.

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Fergie turns in to a kid!

Fergie turns in to a kid

Unfortunate Fergie urinating in front of the crowd during her performance in 2005.

Let’s take a break, vomiting time -Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Time

Lets take a break

Justin Bieber during Arizona Concert vomits on the stage.

Tears behind a smile!

Tears behind a smile

Katherine Heigl suffered a wardrobe malfunction during ShoWest award in March 2010.

Oops, she’s gonna be mad!

Oops she is gonna be mad

Lady Gaga dressed in a raw beef costume during 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Beyonce’s true die-hard fan!

Beyonces true die-hard fan

Beyonce gets her hair caught in a fan during a stage show in Canada.

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OMG Zac drops a condom!

OMG Zac drops a condom

Cameras caught Zac Efron dropping condom on the red carpet in 2012 during an event.

All eyes are here! He needs a good tailor!

He needs a good tailor

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