Embarrassing Photos WWE Stars Dont Want You To See

All celebrities do some embarrassing things like actors and actresses .Today we are explaining “Embarrassing Photos WWE Stars” that don’t want anybody see their such awkward pictures.The world of professional wrestling has long been known to be very secretive about what goes on outside of the ring. Things were very tight and strict back in the day but they have relaxed somewhat over the years. But that doesnt mean that the companies want to see their superstars plastered all over the internet looking not so professional.

The WWE has very strict rules about conduct outside of the ring for its athletes. They cant stop the heavy partying that goes on but they heavily frown on photos being snapped of the action. Nobody wants the face of their company to be photographed while getting a lap dance and using a sink as a toilet. It hurts business and sponsors certainly are never happy when those types of pictures come out.

Another thing the company never wants the public to see is athletes who are involved in a feud in the ring, hanging out together during off hours. When arch enemies are seen drinking together at a bar or party it destroys the credibility of the storyline that is taking place inside of the squared circle.

Today you will see a bunch of pictures that had to have the WWE spinning its head when they came out.

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Daniel Bryan with Brie Bella.

Daniel Bryan with Brie Bella

Brie cheated on Sheamus with Bryan but they got married so it turns out ok. But that doesnt mean the WWE wanted the public to see them together when this was taken.

Kelly Kelly not at her best.

Kelly Kelly not at her best

Here is an action shot of Kelly Kelly peeing in a sink. Shes obviously proud of her decision. Classy.

Drew and Sheamus with the unofficial briefcase.

Drew and Sheamus with the unofficial briefcase

Drinking is obviously part of the lifestyle outside of the ring. Here Sheamus and Drew are making fun of one of WWEs signature events.

The Hardy Boyz getting

The Hardy Boyz getting

Jeff and Matt Hardy had a bad reputation for heavy partying while on the road. Here is another typical night for them.

Layla El letting loose.

Layla El letting loose

Layla El shows that she can have fun with the best of them. Its not a bad photo but its not something the company wants the public to see.

Hulk Hogan spiking the cake?

Hulk Hogan spiking the cake

Hulk Hogan has done his share of questionable acts outside of the ring. What is he about to do to this cake? The WWE has cut all ties with Hogan and they dont want to be associated with him in any way.

Paige isnt known as the Wild Child without reason.

Wild Child

Paige is the typical young athlete that has come into quite a bit of money and lets loose hard. When shes not in the ring she likes to spend a lot of that money partying. WWE certainly cant be happy with all of the photos of her that keep popping up online.

Ric Flair likes the 12 oz. curls -Embarrassing Photos WWE Stars.

Ric Flair likes the 12 oz. curls.

Ric Flair is one of the icons of professional wrestling. Its not a secret that he likes to drink a lot and the WWE gets upset every time that someone snaps a photo of him enjoying his favorite pass time.

John Cena with Elizabeth Huberdeau.

John Cena with Elizabeth Huberdeau.

One thing the WWE absolutely hates is when a photo of one of their stars comes out and it portrays them in a not so family friendly atmosphere. They had to be irate when this picture of Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau came out. They certainly look like they are having a good time. Wonder where Nikki was?

Jack Swagger the All American?

Jack Swagger the All American

The Real American Jack Swagger looks to be enjoying a piece of Americana!

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