10 Funny Awkward Night Club Moments

Funny Awkward Night Club Moments .If you are going to some club or any other party, you should not forget that there are people around you too. Actually, when people go to such places, they forget everything and behave so awkwardly that the person next to themhasto suffer andit might look reallydisgusting sometimes.

Below are some similar pictures, go through them and avoid to behave like this in the clubguys.

Omg! Isnt it looking too awkward here?

looking too awkward here

Eww..What the hell she is doing!

What the hell she is doing

This is seriously, yuck!

This is seriously yuck

When she wanted to be a man but then God said no

When she wanted to be a man

The guy in Santa cap is looking happier than the girls

the guy in Santa cap

Who said thats only for men?

Who said that is only for men

Yes, even ghosts drink -Funny Awkward Night Club Moments

Yes even ghosts drink

Friendship goal

Friendship goal

Awesome technique to blow off your haters

Awesome technique

And this curious case of Benjamin

 curious case of Benjamin

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