6 Girls Caught In Awkward Moments

When girls in enjoying the don’t care that what are they doing .Here some girls caught in awkward moments on some places .Its nature of girls is to do some stupid things when they alone .Both men and women have some funny habits like hand in pants in public or awkward moments on Walmart. We all get caught in awkward moments sometimes.. usually theyre not a pretty sight. Here are 6 girls who got caught in the most awkward moments!

Source :sarcasm.com

Catch that food

Catch that food - Awkward Moment
She drops her food all over her secret part, and it doesnt help that the color of the food is pink/white! What an awkward moment.

Watch out when you cross your legs!

Watch out when you cross your legs

Crossing your legs in a skirt is always a risky decision, somehow this girl get caught in the most awkward leg cross!

Grocery store uniform -Girls Caught In Awkward Moments

Grocery store uniform

Whoa.. The grocery store is supposed to be a safe place where families can shop for their favorite products! This is awkward..



How is she going to go to the bathroom in those pants? Those are so tight! Really awkward.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

She is one of the most famous actresses and yet she still cant avoid an awkward moment! How do these photographers catch them in these times?



Gotta be careful when sitting with your legs crossed in a skirt.. especially when its windy out!



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