Top 10 Awkward Couples Of The World

Awkward Couples.Sometimes when two people meet, they fall in love and stay together regardless of what some people may say or think about them. Some awkward looking couples have height differences, size differences or even age differences, but what matters is how they feel about each other.

Some people say that love is blind. While everyones opinion on this may vary, what matters most is that when two people care about each other, their love is all that matterseven if they look a little bit awkward together.

While you contemplate the meaning of love, here are 28 of the most awkward looking couples there are.

I dont really see anything too wrong with this couple except for the obvious height difference. Would you date someone who was shorter (or taller) than you?

Awkward Couples

Well, to give famous basketball star Shaquille ONeal some credit, heisa pretty massive guy. I think that any person he would ever date would be significantly smaller than him. He is, after all, over seven feet tall.

significantly smaller

When it comes to love, is age just a number. Thats a question youll have to answer for yourself.Awkward Couples.

When it comes to love

The fact that shes wearing six-inch heels definitely doesnt help!

wearing six-inch heels

Yet another photo with a couple who have a significant height difference, but to each his own, right?

another photo with a couple

This couple may look a little bit awkward, but at least they can have fun and be silly without taking themselves too seriously. And youve got to love those cat-themed outfits.

little bit awkward

One half of this couple needs to stayoutof the sun, while the other half desperately needs to stayinthe sun!

Opposite Couple

I like how this couple used a couch as a point of reference.

Amazing Couple

While this couple looks ridiculously fit, I think they may have gone just a little bit overboard with the spray tan

While this couple looks ridiculously fit

Why be like every other couple and take a normal photo on your wedding day? Why not spice it up and throw a couple raw chickens in there? It may be a little weird, but at least this couple has a sense of humor!

this couple has a sense of humor



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